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Everable courses are developed by our expert fellows. As a fellow, you get access to our lab factory where you choose the resources you need for your course.

Why become a Fellow?

The act of teaching has numerous benefits. Not only do you look at your subject matter with a fresh perspective, but you also continue your own learning by having to think about topics in-depth when you explain them to others.
Few things are as rewarding as igniting the curiosity of your student and helping them to become proficient in your craft.


Benefits of the Everable Fellowship


Build your reputation in the global DevSecOps engineering community. Through yourself, your knowledge, and your product.

VIP access

Get access to our courses, our userbase, and our network of experts.


Benefit from the feedback provided by our community and students. Learn to spark curiosity and guide others.

How it works. 

1. Register

Create your own Everable account.

2. Complete an Everable course

Purchase any partitioner’s course and complete it in order to familiarise yourself with the course layout and structure. You will be refunded for any course costs once you have submitted a course proposal.

3. Become a Fellow

Contact the Everable team here and request to become a Fellow.

4. Select the course you want to create

Take a look at the list of course that we are seeking fellows for and select the one you would like to develop.

5. Submit your proposal

Get your course ideas down in writing and record a demo. Once you’re satisfied with your proposal submit it.

6. Create your course

Nice, you’ve been selected to create a course! Work with the Everable team to plan, create and test your course.

We are looking for experts in

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Automated Secure Kubernetes (K8s) Configuration

Teach others how to establish and automated a secure configuration posture for Kubernetes. Next to that, automatically testing for security misconfigurations (tools), and establishing appropriate rules according to the risk appetite of the business by using tools like OPA Gatekeeper.

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iOS Automated Security Testing

Teach others about automating the security testing for iOS mobile applications. Automated security testing for iOS applications is a complex task to get right. Clients should learn dynamic and static analysis methods for testing network communication, code quality, and secure authentication architecture. 

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API Security

Teach others how to incorporate continuous security for their APIs. API Security needs special attention, which usually gets ignored. The general notion is API security issues are addressed in other AppSec/DevSecOps topics like SAST, DAST, SCA, etc. That is partially correct. However, there are API domain-specific challenges that continue to remain as a gap. That is the reason OWASP has come up with a dedicated OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks. 

Hear from other fellows

“I wanted to try different things, which led me to expand my horizons and enter the world of IT and become interested in cybersecurity."

After gaining experience in the IT industry I got the opportunity to work with Araido, a DevSecOps consulting company. Araido’s partner company, Everable
 helped me to understand and apply Secure DevOps concepts through their hands-on courses. This helped me to become specialized in Secrets Management.


Secrets Management Architect, Everable Fellow


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