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We offer ongoing practical security training for DevOps teams. 

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How can Everable train your DevOps teams?

Hands-on labs

We teach new skills in our hands-on labs. Our hands-on labs simulate the security problems DevOps teams come across. In this way, your team experiences the impact of a security problem and learns how to solve them practically.

Minimum time and effort

Our courses are built to fit your schedule. Within three hours, you can already learn a new Dev(Sec)Ops skill on our platform.

Direct feedback

While you and your team learn, we provide direct (automated) feedback. This feature makes it clear whether you are on the right track in real-time. In addition to the immediate feedback, we also have live chat support available if you are stuck and can’t progress further.

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For who is Everable?

Security is a team effort. So we provide DevSecOps training for the whole team, which are:

  • Development
  • Operations
  • Security

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Experiences of our training


It takes a community to build our courses.

“Designing ways to share abstract knowledge with others and creating hands-on training has been a very effective way to gain in-depth expertise in Secrets Management.”

Secrets Management Architect

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Secure Devops experts in our fellowship community develop our courses. Our fellows are professionals in a wide variety of companies. 

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