Continuously upskilling DevOps teams

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We connect skills to actual business outcomes

We strive for a workplace full of resources to build and elevate skills. This environment enables organizations, teams, and individuals to achieve continuous transformation and growth while keeping productivity up to speed.

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Our mission is to democratize security skills

We making their acquisition accessible to all. This enables security to become an important driving force in every DevOps team. 

Security requirements shouldn’t dictate the pace of work— instead, security should stay up to speed with the pulse of work.

Our expert instructors have more than 1000+ hours of teaching experience in various organizations and international conferences like Blackhat, OWASP AppSec, DevSecCon, and many more.
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We have a passion for engineering, productivity, and security. Helping you orchestrate optimal secure performance is our daily motivation.

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We want to provide everyone with equal chances to turn their capabilities
into applicable real-world skills.

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Diversity helps us better understand the needs of our local and international partners.

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The human development lifecycle

We believe the future of team building is a combination of career discovery, skill-building, and employer-organized recruitment.

Historically, training, career discovery, recruiting, and in-job upskilling have been separate processes. This results in a mismatch between what a candidate seeks and what employers think they need.

Companies might also already have a lot of talent in their backyards. Companies can hire from within their organization by enabling current employees to upskill for desired roles.

We believe the ideal workplace merges recruitment, career growth, and training into one process.

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