A Developer-First Approach to Vulnerability Management

  • 3 min read
  • April 13th, 2022

Using Everable’s Samma Sandbox, your team will be emersed in running application security scans and then setting them up to be monitored automatically to detect any new incoming threats! We provide an environment that guides your developers through the steps of using Samma.io, and once they’ve solidified their skills, they can start playing and exploring the tool by themselves.

Samma.io is an open-source security tool created for developers, consisting of multiple open-sourced security scanners in one place, such as NMAP, Tsunami, and Nikto. This allows developers to set up targets in their Kubernetes clusters, which are scanned. It allows you to visualize, analyze, and monitor your application security and send alerts when new incoming threats are. Theoretically, it’ll help deal with false positives security threats, saving your company valuable time.


How it works

The Samma Operator monitors your applications in Kubernetes clusters set as scanning targets. Once your applications have been deployed, the scanners are also deployed, starting their search for issues such as open ports.

The results from these scans are then viewable in the pre-built Grafana dashboards, allowing you to visualize the information collected from the scans quickly on graphs. Simplifying the results significantly, making them understandable with a glance. Additional features include tracking trends and monitoring application scans.

Then using Kibana, another open-sourced security tool included in Samma.io, you can analyze specific results from specific target scans. After this, we go back to Grafana and create another graph to visualize and monitor the status of the specific findings.

The last step is “monitoring the Delta.” This is a way of saying that we set up alerts to notify us when there are any changes in the targets being monitored over time. A baseline of your scan results is set. Then whenever any new vulnerabilities are detected over your baseline, such as open ports, an alert is sent to your team so it can be checked. These alerts can be customized by your team to match your needs.

Open Source Security for your Java Application

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Everable’s Samma Sandbox

We’ve created a digital playground for your developers to improve their skills with the tool within our sandbox. Your team will be guided through the steps of becoming acquainted with Samma.io and the security tools within. We provide all the information required to excel, so you can stay on top of any future vulnerabilities to your applications.

No downloads are required, and no accounts need to be made to access the tools. They’re all provided in one environment, and not only does it provide your developers with the knowledge required for Samma, it allows you to get a feel for the applications and whether they’re something that could add value to your business.

"No downloads are required, and no accounts need to be made to access the tools."